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The American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds, or AASCIF, is an association of workers' compensation insurance companies from 27 different states, plus 10 workers' compensation boards in Canada. In the US, these companies--loosely referred to as state funds--each specialize in writing workers' compensation insurance in a single state. Some of these companies operate as private insurance companies, whereas others act as agencies of their respective state governments. In Canada, all workers' compensation insurance is provided through workers' compensation boards, which have complete jurisdictional and administrative powers related to workers' compensation in their respective provinces.




State Funds, collectively, have a mission that is forthright and clear: to take a position of leadership in the provision of service to employers and injured workers and in the reformation and improvement of workers' compensation.


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In support of this mission, AASCIF has a threefold commitment:

  1. Through the effective and efficient operation of its member Funds, to provide:

    • An assured market for employers to secure workers' compensation coverage.
    • Adequate, prompt, and equitable benefits to injured workers and their dependents.
    • The best medical care and rehabilitation with the goal of the earliest possible return to work and total restoration of the injured employee.
    • Service and assistance in the prevention of accidents and occupational disease.
  2. To work for the improvement, refinement, and preservation of state workers' compensation systems.
  3. To actively provide resources and support for the adoption and establishment of state funds in those states not currently served by funds.

Learn more about State Funds: Their Role in Workers' Compensation:

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State Funds: Their Role in Workers' Comp
State Funds Emerge

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