Feature Your Organization in AASCIF News

AASCIF News is the best place to share what is happening in your organization, state, or province with your fellow compensation insurance professionals. We want to hear about the new initiatives you are launching, ongoing program wins, local and regional changes to guidelines or laws, prominent hires and promotions, well-deserved retirements, and other relevant news.

Here are some guidelines for submitting to the newsletter:

  • Submissions should be sent as a Word or compatible text document format,
  • The heading of the document should list the organization name, state or province, and the contact information of the person submitting in case of need for follow-up,
  • Multiple submissions may be included within the same document, be sure they are clearly labeled with an appropriate subheading,
  • Any pictures, graphs, charts, or other accompanying graphics should be included as separate, high-resolution, clearly labeled attachments,
  • If including references, format them as endnotes as opposed to footnotes,
  • Due to the digital nature of the newsletter, you may include hyperlinks within the text; however, you should include the url of any hyperlink as an endnote.
The newsletter is published quarterly, with Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall issues. Submissions for Around AASCIF are accepted on a rolling basis with publication in the next available issue. For more information about submitting an article, to sign-up for reminder emails about issue-specific due dates, or to submit an article, please contact Heather Rigby, AASCIF News’ managing editor, at [email protected].