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CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (602) 631-2000
Address: 3030 North Third Street
Phoenix, AZ   85012

State Compensation Insurance Fund
Address: 333 Bush Street
Suite 800
San Francisco, CA   94104

Pinnacol Assurance
Phone: (303) 361-4000
Address: 7501 East Lowry Boulevard

Denver, CO   80230-7006

Hawaii Employers' Mutual Insurance Co. Inc.
Phone: (808) 524-3642
Address: 1100 Alakea Street
Suite 1400
Honolulu, HI   96813

Idaho State Insurance Fund
Phone: (208) 332-2100
Address: 1215 West State Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID   83720-0044

Kentucky Employers Mutual Insurance
Phone: (859) 425-7800
Address: 250 West Main Street Suite 900

Lexington, KY   40507-1724

Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation
Phone: (225) 924-7788
Address: 2237 South Acadian Thruway

Baton Rouge, LA   70808

Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC)
Phone: (207) 791-3300
Address: 261 Commercial Street
P.O. Box 11409
Portland, ME   04104

Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company
Phone: (410) 494-2000
Address: 8722 Loch Raven Boulevard

Towson, MD   21286-2235

SFM Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (952) 838-4200
Address: 3500 American Boulevard West Suite 700

Bloomington, MN   55431-4434

Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance
Phone: (800) 442-0590
Address: 101 N Keene St

Columbia, MO   65201

Montana State Fund
Phone: (406) 495-5015
Address: 855 Front Street
P.O. Box 4759
Helena, MT   59604-4759

New Mexico Mutual Group
Phone: (505) 345-7260
Address: 3900 Singer Boulevard NE

Albuquerque, NM   87109

New York State Insurance Fund
Phone: (212) 312-7001
Address: PO Box 66699

Albany, NY   12206

Workforce Safety and Insurance
Phone: (701) 328-3800
Address: 1600 East Century Avenue Suite 1

Bismarck, ND   58506-5585

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation
Phone: (800) 644-6292
Address: 30 West Spring Street

Columbus, OH   43215-2256

CompSource Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (405) 232-7663
Address: 1901 North Walnut Ave.
P.O. Box 53505
Oklahoma City, OK   73152-3505

State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF)
Phone: (503) 373-8000
Address: 400 High Street SE

Salem, OR   97312-1000

Pennsylvania State Workers Insurance Fund
Phone: (570) 963-4635
Address: 100 Lackawanna Avenue
P.O. Box 5100
Scranton, PA   18505-5100

Beacon Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (401) 825-2667
Address: One Beacon Centre

Warwick, RI   02886-1378

South Carolina State Accident Fund
Phone: (803) 896-5800
Address: P.O. Box 102100

Columbia, SC   29221-5000

Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Phone: (800) 859-5995
Address: 6210 East Highway 290

Austin, TX   78723-1098

Workers Compensation Fund
Phone: (800) 446-2667
Address: 100 West Towne Ridge Parkway
P.O. Box 2227
Sandy, UT   84070

Washington Department of Labor and Industries
Phone: (360) 902-5800
Address: P.O. Box 44001

Olympia, WA   98504-4001

Wyoming Division of Workers Safety & Compensation
Phone: (307) 777-7159
Address: Cheyenne Business Center
1510 East Pershing Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY   82002

Workers Compensation Board - Alberta
Phone: (780) 498-3999
Address: 9925-107 Street
P.O. Box 2415
Edmonton, AB   T5J 2S5

Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia (WORKSAFEBC)
Phone: (604) 273-2266
Address: P.O. Box 5350 Station Terminal

Vancouver, BC   V6B 5L5

Manitoba Workers Compensation Board
Phone: (204) 954-4321
Address: 333 Broadway

Winnipeg, MB   R3C 4W3

Phone: (506) 632-2200
Address: 1 Portland Street
P.O. Box 160
Saint John, NB   E2L 3X9

Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
Phone: (902) 491-8999
Address: 5668 South Street
P.O. Box 1150
Halifax, NS   B3J 2Y2

Prince Edward Island Workers Compensation Board
Phone: (902) 368-5680
Address: 14 Weymouth Street

Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7L7

Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board
Phone: (306) 787-4370
Address: 200 - 1881 Scarth Street

Regina, SK   S4P 4L1

Puerto Rico State Insurance Fund Corporation
Phone: (787) 793-5959
Address: G.P.O. Box 365028

San Juan, PR   00936-5028
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AASCIF Newsletter

Leveraging Industry Data

By Alicia Miller, CPA, Assistant Controller, Pinnacol Assurance

There are a number of challenges facing the workers’ compensation industry today and it is no surprise that state funds are not immune to these economic realities. From rising medical costs to political uncertainty, the industry is acutely aware of potential impacts. Thus, companies are striving to measure their performance and stability in the marketplace.  In the face of these challenges, benchmarking continues to be a hot topic and is used to help companies gauge where they are and set a direction for the future. In this quest, there are numerous resources available to leverage relevant industry data.

Challenges in the current environment

NCCI reported in the 2013 Workers’ Compensation Issues Report that the results for 2011 showed that workers’ compensation had the highest calendar year combined ratio over all major commercial lines for the third straight year in a row. Factors potentially impacting this are rising medical costs, claim frequency not yet returning to historic rates of decline, and residual market growth.

There is indication that the market is hardening with the increase in rates the industry is experiencing.  For state funds operating on a competitive level, this means loss of market share is a real concern. While economic recovery remains positive but slow, the market is still experiencing a low interest rate environment.

Market leaders are also closely watching and considering the outcome of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the federally backed terrorism insurance set to expire in 2014.

Whether state funds operate exclusively or on a competitive level, they have some exposure to these economic conditions. 

Considerations of benchmarking

Benchmarking against a peer group is often a company’s first step in considering challenges and identifying improvements. Benchmarking allows a company to obtain an understanding of where results fall short of or exceed others and set a standard for improvement.  Whether a state fund operates exclusively or on a competitive level can dictate the relevant peer group and points of measurement. 

Familiarizing your company with fellow AASCIF members’ operations can be beneficial to identifying similar organizations to compare yourself against as workers’ compensation providers come in all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, some state funds may be interested to compare themselves against their competitors in a particular market, such as their region.

To maximize benchmarking, it is important to determine the measurement area that is requested or relevant to the company. Defining the area, such as investment returns or average claim costs, will aid in determining what source of information will be most effective for benchmarking. Some of the more common workers’ compensation insurance benchmarks are injured worker satisfaction, combined ratio, retention rates, disposal rates, indemnity claim counts, new claim counts and average premium rate. Keep in mind, the most effective benchmarking exercises measure critical strategic outcomes and drive behavior and results.

Benchmarking resources and tools

AM Best – AM Best is a full-service credit rating organization dedicated to serving the insurance industry.  Information on companies that have sought an AM Best rating is available on the website. By simply creating an account, a user may obtain some summary information and for a fee, request a single company’s profile or multiple company profiles and comparisons.  There are at least eight state funds that have obtained an AM Best rating and regularly file information.

NAIC – The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides a centralized repository for insurance company Annual Statements on its website for its members.  In addition, for a nominal price a number of statistical reports may be purchased. These may include a variety of reports, such as Statistical Compilation of Annual Statement Information and Invested Assets Reports.

Business Partners – A company’s business partners are often privy to industry information and may even have conducted studies or done benchmarking for other clients. Investment advisors often have resources and knowledge of industry data that they are willing to share or have already shared with the board of directors or other committees.  A third party actuary, if already engaged, will also have access to industry data and may provide comparative information.  Many potential partners may even share industry data or studies in order to create new relationships; it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Market Surveys – Many insurance companies are solicited to take part in industry surveys.  One useful study conducted by the Ward Group is a survey that gathers finance and related operations data for property and casualty companies.  Ward provides participants with comparative benchmarks with information from ownership structure to closing cycle information to average personnel costs. 

Trade Associations – There are many industry associations that go to great lengths to gather information and publish data that is useful to their members. To name a couple, the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) facilitates the exchange of educational information among insurance-related professionals, and the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) provides its members with targeted industry information. IASA shares a monthly publication with members via its Industry Pulse Polls and members may also conduct their own informal polls by submitting questions. PCI offers statistical and financial data via its subsidiary, Independent Statistical Service, Inc., quarterly or annually with information such as loss experience, and also offers a wide variety of studies through its website.

AASCIF Surveys – For those state funds looking to conduct their own surveys, AASCIF maintains an online directory by state and some committees maintain networking contact lists. Members often reach out to fellow members to gather specific information or conduct surveys. This method is often advantageous in obtaining relevant information from a known and familiar peer group.

AASCIF Stat Book – The Stat Book is an analytical tool that provides valuable comparative benchmarking results among AASCIF members that participate.  It is maintained by the Audit & Statistics Committee on the AASCIF website and is updated annually.  Updates for the current fiscal year ending will be accomplished in the near future. The Stat Book provides specific financial information as well as other operational measures for each participant. It is an extremely valuable tool as AASCIF members have this benchmarking tool at their fingertips and it may eliminate the need for other resources. We hope you avail yourself of the AASCIF Stat Book. 

Whether on a mission to gather new information or leverage industry benchmarking, industry data is obtainable and there is a plethora of resources. As AASCIF members, we all have an opportunity to share information and help fellow members and peers identify issues and opportunities in the current workers’ compensation market. Please encourage your company to participate in this year’s request for information for the Stat Book which will be posted as soon as 2012 information is available.



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